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Please note that at this moment in time there are no Trollies available or spare parts due to the closure of powa walker. We hope that this will be resolved soon ....the original and best two-wheeled electric trolley. Thousands of satisfied customers in the UK can't be wrong! Comes complete with battery & charger. Available in green or black.

PowaWalker Cargo 2-Wheel Electric Trolley

If you want an electric powered trolley that's light, easy to use and dependable, this Cargo product will fit the bill - and it won't cost a small fortune either. It's driven by a 12 volt double-life battery and, following extensive tests, it has been shown that a 120lb pay-load can be transported up to 4 or 5 miles at the touch of a thumb-controlled throttle, over even the roughest terrain. This trolley will carry your tackle effortlessly around any lake, river or canal complex and is a pleasure to use.

The Cargo 2-wheel trolley folds up in one piece for storage. Without any fiddly assembly to worry about, you just unfold it, put the battery in place and away you go! Driving couldn't be easier. With just one hand you can adjust the variable speed control and guide the trolley along. Its top speed is faster than you'll want to walk around any complex but it means that you'll have ample power for any hills. The all new 12 volt 20 Ah battery now used will give even greater range and power!

After a day's fishing you just fold it up again, connect it to your charger (which is supplied) and that's all until the next time. Unlike some carrier systems, the Cargo is designed to accept any box system which can be carried and secured by the use of conventional luggage bungee fasteners.

The wheels are designed to be removed, if necessary, making the Cargo trolley even more easily transportable. The 2-ply pneumatic tyres are ideal for anyone who wants off-road performance on rugged and diffcult terrain. The quality steel frame is strong and extremely well protected from the elements. It is sandblasted and then powder-coated for maximum weather protection. All moving parts are sealed for life and completely maintenance-free.

Available in either BLACK or GREEN, and comes complete with battery and charger.

This trolley can be delivered to your door directly from the shop - at no extra cost within the UK!

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