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Poor cod season leads into another good year for the rays.

UPDATE 12th.April 17

The winter fishing along all our coast line has been devoide of codling, never in almost 55 years of the tackle and bait trade have i ever know a season like it.

As i write now the beach and boat fishing is very good with many thornback rays being caught along with the seasons first smoothounds, dogs and a few Bass.

 Best baits have been lug, Rag and squid, Herring, blueys and sandeels. Crab is worth a try now.

ISeptember/Octoberis  oftern a good time of year to catch a large solitary Bass as they come inshore to feed up on the crabs and shrimps before they migrate south down to the Eddystone reef in Devon for the winter before spawning. Fish close in with a long trace arolling lead attached to a pennel rig. Attach a whole squid or even two to the pennel and just let it roll around. Many Bass are caught using this method.

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