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Servicing Your Reel

newcresta066I often get asked how to service all kinds of fishing reels. So heres my take on it.

With any type of sea reel the biggest enemy of the reel is salt water and considering that is what your fishing in they dont stand much of a chance of serviving if you dont look after them. I know what its like when you get home from your trip the last thing that you want to do is to clean your reels but it will help and prolong the life of them.

A quick rinse with some warm soapy water is all you need but do take the spool off and clean out any sand or grit. Let the reels dry over night in a warm place and then a quick squirt of WD 40 or simiular will keep them going for longer. The same really applies for any coarse or fly fishing reel.

If you want to oil your reel dont use a really thick oil, fine oils that you would use for a sowing machine is great to use as is Rocket fuel.  When you buy a new reel they will oftern be packed with grease from the factory. Some times because the grease is quite thick it can hold up moving parts like the anti reverse pawl so your handel wont lock on backwind.  the reel may need to be looked at by your tackle deeler but some times just put them in your shed in the window and let the sun do its work on the grease. Quite oftern they will now work as the grease has been thinned by the sun.

A lot of todays reels have become very hi tec, particulary expensive bait runner type reels , these are usually best to be sent back to the company that they came from who have their own engineers with all the right tools to use.

I hope this helps a lttle but if you want to take your reel to bits do it on some white paper and as you take the parts off lay them in a line so that you can see them and  know how to put them back. Alternatively dont touch them, take them to your deeler and he will sort it for you or will offer to send them away at the cost of post which is what we offer to our customers.





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