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River Gipping fishing

We are having some lovely weather we now seem to be in a period of unsettled conditions with wind and rain. It’s not always a bad thing to have these sorts of conditions as the heavy rain can do wonders to oxygenate the lakes and rivers and get the fish on the move again. The wind can also be of benefit as it can put a chop on the water giving the fish a bit of cover, and if float fishing the wind can be used to trot the float through your swim and cover a bit of ground. It’s always worth seeing where the wind is blowing from and if it’s not to strong fish into it as a lot of natural foods will be blown to that end of the lake.

I walked the River Gipping at Bramford last month just before the start of the new season and at the time the water levels were a little low but there were signs of Roach topping everywhere and I saw some Chub hiding under the willows.

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